Al-Huda School Library

Assalamu Alaikom,

We are happy to announce the opening of Al-Huda School Library. At our school, we care greatly about our students and want them to perform at their highest potential. Reading Arabic books outside of school can help benefit students by allowing them to strengthen their reading skills, and increase their vocabulary.Al-Huda Library

Every week, each class will have a specific time to go to the library and pick out books to check-out of the library. Through
out the week, we recommend that parents supervise and encourage their children to read. This new program is optional; however, we highly recommend you to encourage your child to participate. For those of you that want to participate, please sign the permission slip that sent home with your child and return to the teacher.

We would like to bring to your attention that these books are not available in Canada, and they have to be specially ordered. By signing the form you agree to return the book within two weeks and with the same condition it was checked-out in. If lost or damaged, parents must pay a $20 fee for the book. Note that you can access your checked book list through your child’s student account at Al-Huda School Website (

We hope that you decide to participate in this new Al-Huda School Library Program. We believe this program will be a fun way to increase children’s skills while enjoying the Arabic language.



Al-Huda School Administration