Poetry Competition

Assalamu alaikum dear parents,

Al-Huda School is happy to announce its Second Annual Poetry Competition. If you would like your children to participate, please sign them up at the office and receive your poem. Pomes are available at the end of this post.
The last day to sign up is February 5th 2017. They will recite the poem in front of judges on March 5th 2017. The winner of the competition must memorize and recite the poem clearly, loudly and with expression in order to grab the judges’ attention. Parents are more than welcome to watch their children perform.
We hope you encourage your child to participate in this wonderful event, inshaAllah!

Level 1 (Grade 2-1 and Grade 2-2) الأُسرة

Level 2 (Grade 3-2 and Grade 4) أُحبُّ لغتي العربية

Level 3 (Grade 6 and Grade 7) من أين أبدأ

Jazakum Allahu Khayran

Al-Huda School Administration